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Link to the timetable

Click here to view the timetable. Please note that the timetable is an external app, and has controls that enable you to display it differently, if you prefer. There is a lot of detail about each session, experiment by clicking links in it, especially the button at top left labelled Week. Change it to day, and more detail is available. Since YM spans two weeks, you may need to find how to get to the second week.

The Structure of the timetable

YM will span ten days. It has three groups of three days. First three do the introductions and get us going, some business sessions. The second three (Tuesday to Thursday) are focused on community-building, and are lower paced. The third three (Friday to Sunday) return to business, and concludings. So, our hope is that YM will be well-balanced for pace and style. In the middle three days, there is opportunity for those who go visiting to do off-line activities with their hosts.

When we first scheduled YM22, that week did coincide all states for holidays. It was the only week which did. Subsequently, in Covid responses, holidays were moved by various states, and there is now no week when all states are on holidays together.

Programs for children, JYFs are being developed (not yet shown).

Worship, business sessions, etc are in their settled time-slots.

Some activities appear twice in a day.

The program of Share & Tells is being developed too.

We hope everyone will participate in Home Groups, a small consistent group, meeting each day, which will allow building of relationships together. Home Groups appear in two time-slots: morning and afternoon. You will be asked to join one group which will meet in one of those time-slots. The duplication is to make good use of the time difference across the country.

What’s going on? Sessions are an extension of First Timers. Anyone can attend, and bring their questions or concerns about the Quaker process they are experiencing at YM. On each day, part of our de-mystification program! Offered twice a day, to remove clash with Home Groups.

Preparatory and Explanatory Sessions

Each Quakers Australia national committee writes a report of its activities during the year. these can be discussed at a Preparatory Session or an Explanatory Session that is part of the YM process. All Preparatory and Explanatory Sessions this year will be held prior to the July week, actually during May, to reduce the pace and demand of that week in July. Please go there to see when these important sessions will be held online.  You can find the schedule for these here.

Change is still possible

More detail may still be added. Details of community-building and social activities are not yet fully known. We welcome offers to host community and social, and to offer Zoom technical help.

Share and Tells are shown, but might be developed further. We are juggling multiple aspects with the timing of Share & Tells. At present they might reduce the opportunities for pods to do activities together in their local group (which some might be visiting); we are trying to leave some spaces in the day to reduce Zoom fatigue. Comments and further offers welcome to Michael Searle (