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***YM22 Business***

Prep Sessions are now all completed. Link to reports from Preparatory and Explanatory sessions (click here)

Link to Documents in Advance (click here)

Yearly Meeting 22 Business Processes Explained

Each national committee, working group, and AYM-associated body is asked to write a report for Documents in Advance (DiA). Regional Meetings may also write a report for YM (Yearly Meeting,) if they want to submit a Part B. Regional Meetings have written their main report of their year's activities for the AGM held in January.

Each report submitted to Documents in Advance consists of a Part A, and may have a Part B, as well.

  • Part A which reports on the work of the committee during the preceding year.
  • Part B (included only if needed) presents questions or proposals for consideration at Yearly Meeting.

DiA will be distributed late March and is also available on this website.

Regional Meetings receive all the DiA reports and are asked to discuss the Part B matters at their Meetings for Worship for Business, so that consideration at Yearly Meeting is well informed. Regional Meeting responses are minuted, sent to the AYM Secretary, and are available on this website.

Prior to YM, each group which has submitted a DiA report, may hold an Explanatory Session, or a Preparatory Session. They have been held prior to Yearly Meeting, during the time-range of 1st to 22nd May. The aim is to reduce the pressure on time during YM (an important consideration for an online event).

An Explanatory Session is for a group whose DiA report only has a Part A. These sessions provides an opportunity to present what they have been doing, to elaborate on what is in their report, present it in more than words on paper. Such a session will not contribute to decision-making, but will air the good work of the committee. Because a decision is not sought, the reporting of this committee stops here; it does not go on to a Formal Session.

Preparatory Session is held when a group has a Part B in its DiA report, in which they have brought a question(s) that they would like Quakers nationally to consider for adoption or decision. Prior to the Preparatory Sessions, Regional Meetings will have considered the reports. At the Preparatory session:

  • The Regional meeting responses are shared
  • The matter for decision is explored
  • The proposal might be modified somewhat by the group as it hears its proposal discussed.

A Prep Session report is sent to the AYM Secretary for consideration by the Clerking Team for YM22 business. This report will indicate if the matter/s under consideration seem to have been resolved through the Regional meeting responses and/or the Preparatory Session.

Preparatory and Explanatory Sessions will be publicised as part of YM22 publicity. Committees are encouraged to make known their own sessions, and to attract interested people to participate, so that multiple modes of informing Friends of what is on, and what they are likely to find interests them can be exercised.

The list of Scheduled Preparatory and Explanatory Sessions can be found here.

Preparing the agenda for YM

The national Clerking Team will look at the reports from Preparatory Sessions, and decide that either:

  • The responses from all RMs and the Preparatory Session indicate substantial agreement, so the recommendations in the initial DiA item are acceptable. In this case the issue is considered to be resolved.
  • The responses indicate divergence on the item such that it should be discussed at the whole Yearly Meeting, in a Business Session. In this case the issue is considered to be unresolved.

In the first case, the Clerking Team will draft a minute for the Business Session to adopt as an agreed minute of YM.

In the second case, the Clerking Team will schedule time in a Business Session for discussion of the item, if time is available.