Yearly Meeting Planning Support Committee

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Yearly Meeting Planning Support Committee

Friends at Yearly Meeting 2015

The Committee provides assistance to the rostered Regional Meeting that is planning and hosting Yearly Meeting.


As the Yearly Meeting is hosted by a different Regional Meeting each year, this Committee provides assistance and continuity for the various  Planning Committees. It consists of Friends from different Regional Meetings with particular expertise. It usually arranges the registration process and a website for use during Yearly Meeting to show the timetable, reports, minutes, comments and other documents.
The Committee has also produced a Planning Manual for use by the various Regional Meeting Planning Committees which it keeps up to date.

Here is a link to the Manual



12 months prior to YM start

Contribute to choice of venue for YM. Visits to potential venues with other committee members.   Request space for the Bookshop in a site where there will be passing traffic, preferably near the dining area.  Preferably the site should be a separate one which can be at least closed off overnight.

Time: 20 hours

9 months prior to YM start

Approach a bookseller who is willing to supply books and will accept back any  unsold books.   Pauline Books and Media in Adelaide (PBM) will do this.  Discuss a list of books which can be ordered.   Decide how many of the standard Q books to order. Catalogues are available on the Web for Friends Book Centre, Euston Rd London and also The Book Depository.  There is a list of those presently available (attached) PBM are now used to our preferences and will add a range of suitable books in addition.  See attached note re  payment.

Several contacts

2 months prior

Check on progress with the order, and make arrangements for delivery of the books to the YM site preferably on the morning of the first day of YM.  PBM will provide a list of Books with prices to keep track of sales as they occur.

2 hours per week


1 week before YM

Construct a spreadsheet headed with the title of the Books for sale. Sales will be entered on this and the prices entered to keep a running record of sales Create several signs giving the times the Bookshop will be open. Put one near the Help Desk and any other obvious place.

5 hours


First  day of YM

Set out books for sale.  There are ALWAYS Friends who ask you to sell a pile of their books. (usually 8-10 authors)  These must be added to the spreadsheet to keep track of how many are sold.  It is usually adequate to put a small container near the books, as an honesty box, but many authors need reminding to collect unsold copies.

As needed. It is useful to have other helpers.