Yearly Meeting Planning Support Committee

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Yearly Meeting Planning Support Committee

This committee has now been laid down and replaced.

The Committee used to provide assistance to the rostered Regional Meeting that was planning and hosting Yearly Meeting. This was to reduce the need for re-inventing how to host a YM gathering--a possibility because a different Regional Meeting hosted each time.


As the Yearly Meeting is hosted by a different Regional Meeting each year, this Committee provides assistance and continuity for the various  Planning Committees. It consists of Friends from different Regional Meetings with particular expertise. These Friends can assist YM hosting committees. It provides the registration process and a website for use during Yearly Meeting to show the timetable, reports, minutes, comments and other documents.

The Committee has also produced a Planning Manual for use by the various Regional Meeting Planning Committees.

The Yearly Meeting Planning Support Committee was laid down at Yearly Meeting 2021.


The YM Planning Support Committee developed the Yearly Meeting Planning Manual to help a new group plan a Yearly Meeting gathering. The manual is not meant to be prescriptive; it is to help Friends taking on a task, elaborating how the planning has been done previously, and can be done well.

Since Yearly Meetings have gone to an online format, much of the information in this manual is not relevant. When we return to in-person events, a lot will have changed, so the manual will need significant revision.


The manual describes each function of the planning process. Examples include AccommodationShare & Tells. The list of functions (alphabetically ) follows:


Further Survey and Statistical information is available,which provides extra planning resources.

The manual is certainly a work in progress. No function description is complete, many already out of date! The committee will work to update the sections of the manual. We hope innovations will occur, requiring frequent adjustment of the manual. Other Friends who have accumulated relevant experience are invited to contribute as well.

To read the existing chapters, click the View (PDF) option for each chapter.

You can download the Word version, and modify it. Please use Tracked changes, or use Comments, so your suggestions can be recognised, or just offer free-hand comments. We hope that changes will provide general and useful information; anecdotes of particular situations are usually not relevant.

Please send your updated files to: for incorporation into the manual.