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Survey & Statistical Information


Here are links to the surveys that were collected in 2016-2018. The surveys were an online survey instrument. Participants at the YM were encouraged to fill in the survey. The survey team (Lorraine Thomson and Ronis Chapman of CRM) also extended the invitation to Friends who had not been at that YM gathering to complete the survey. The surveys have asked similar questions in the inital two years. The focus of these surveys has been to form trend information about what Friends want from Yearly Meetings. the focus was not on what worked well or less well in each particular YM.

Response rates were pleasingly high in each case.

You can read:

  • The YM2016 Survey results here
  • A summary of YM 2016 results here
  • The YM2017 Survey results here


The YM Registration website necessarily collects information about the preferences and wishes of registrants to each YM. The relevant links below take you to extracts of information, which show patterns and trends. Where an interpretive comment can be made it follows the relevant table.

Hosting committees planning future YMs may find this information useful. Also, some data shows what is working well, and less well. In some cases, cherished understandings of important aspects of YM design may be challenged by the data!

Data has been collected since 2010, and is included in the analyses below:

  • Registrants showing which Regional Meeting they come from
  • Registrants according to their Age Group (children, JYFs, YFs, adults)
  • How many registrants have purchased meals while at YM
  • How many registrants have booked accommodation, and how many attend each day of YM
  • How many registrants have signed up for a Friendly (or Summer) School

Note that some Friends select a Friendly School, and may not attend -- similarly, some attend without having stated their intention.