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The Australian Friends Fellowship of Healing


The Friends’ fellowship of Healing is concerned with the Ministry of Healing, believing that God’s purpose for humankind is wholeness of body, mind and spirit.  We uphold in prayer those known to us to be in need of Healing and Wholeness.  To achieve this Ministry of Healing we meet regularly as a group, realizing the value of corporate prayer: the power of a group far exceeds the sum of its individual members.  We continue the upholding of those in need of healing through our own individual daily devotions.  Quiet days or retreats, suitable books and tapes, can all be used to help the Fellowship to achieve its aims.

A weekly newsletter is circulated to link the various healing groups around Australia in their commitment to the Healing Ministry, and to increase their understanding of the role of the Fellowship.  If you would like to receive the newsletter, please see the convenor's contact details below.

The Australian Friends’ Fellowship of Healing Charitable Trust, was set up in 1986 to provide for the acquisition, furnishing and operation of Home(s) of Healing to be conducted in accordance with the principles of the Religious Society of Friends, as stated in the Deed of Trust.  The objects of Home(s) of Healing are also clearly set out in the Deed of Trust, vis ‘to provide for persons who are in need of a period of rest and creative renewal away from the busyness and stress of life and who would thereby be helped to attain renewed health and wholeness’.  In 2018, under a concern of Tasmanian Regional Meeting, the Trust purchased a five bedroom, two storey home in Hobart.  It is managed in partnership with the Migrant Resource Centre to provide transitional accommodation for migrants awaiting longer term accommodation.  There are plans underway to renovate the home simply to enable dual occupancy.   Once complete, this will provide simultaneous access for Quakers seeking rest and renewal when a family is in residence. 

From time to time we hold gatherings at Silver Wattle Quaker Centre.  The next of these is scheduled for March 11-13, 2022.

For more information about the Fellowship, ring Elspeth Hull on 0409 827 498 or Email her