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Online videos

Explore videos about Quakers:

1)   Quakers Australia has its own YouTube channel, which you can explore here. 

2)   We have developed a series of videos called Quakers in Australia , in which several Friends in Australia share their ideas and experiences.
For those in our Quaker meetings, we hope these will prompt reflection amongst Friends, and lead to discussion within meetings about personal experiences of Quakerism. 

These discussion questions have been created to guide reflection and discussion after watching the videos. You might like to write your own questions while watching the video, or take notes of key ideas that you want to explore further.

3)   Or you may like to explore the following videos, produced overseas.

  • QuakerSpeak: weekly videos in which Friends (USA) speak about their experiences as Quakers.
  • My Quaker Journey: (UK, 2015) Four Friends from Street Quaker Meeting in Somerset UK share what Quaker Meeting for Worship means to them and how being a Quaker is shaping their lives. (Running time: 8:24)
  • Quaker Quest: Quakers and worship: (UK, 2012) UK Friends speak of their own experience in response to the questions people ask. (Running time: 25:28).
  • Bakewell Quakers, Derbyshire (UK) Six Quakers talk about Quaker history, silent worship and other aspects of Quaker life. (There are eight videos on this page, which you can find by hovering over the menu 'videos' on the top right, then selecting the one you want to watch.)
  • Quaker Beliefs (2012) The essence of Quaker beliefs featuring the pupils of Bootham School, York (UK) previously known as the Yorkshire Quarterly Meeting Boy's School; founded in 1823 and where as many as 45 members of the Rowntree family were educated. (Running time: 6:24)
  • Quaker Study Series (UK) Five lectures presented at Canadian Yearly Meeting in 2013 by Ben Pink Dandelion, Honorary Professor at Birmingham University and Tutor in Postgraduate Quaker Studies at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in the UK.


Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash.