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Peace and Social Justice

In Australia, our committees and meetings are involved in a range of peace activities. These include silent vigils, releasing public statements, participating in peaceful protests and supporting community activities in partnership with other organisations.

The Quaker peace testimony is the testimony most frequently associated with Quakers. Peace is seen by Quakers as far more than a rejection of warfare. In the silent meditation and prayer of the Quaker Meeting for Worship, and in our search in daily life for that of God in all other people, Quakers have sought to develop an ethos which puts a love of fellow humans into practice.

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) have been advocating peace for 350 years. We have driven ambulances and fed the starving on both sides in many conflicts. We send people into the midst of conflicts all over the world, to help find out what is going on, and to do whatever presents itself to help build a peace that 'takes away the occasion of all wars'.

Quakers make their opposition to war known through peaceful protests and silent vigils in public places. Regular vigils are held Brisbane and Melbourne and all are welcome.


Australian Quakers involvement in peace organisations and activities

​A national committee of Australian Quakers that lobbies the Federal Government on issues of human rights and social justice and issues background papers and public statements to keep informed,

A national committee of Australian Quakers that provides financial support to Quaker peace committees and to individual Members and Attenders to implement the peace and social justice concerns of the Society.

Aims to express in a practical way the concern of Quakers for the building of a more peaceful, equitable, just and compassionate world.

Prepared by David Johnson, this calendar provides suggestions for inspiration and meditation for every day of the year, with an especially prominent leader or organization noted for each month.

FPT’s Initiatives build on extensive Quaker experience combining practical and spiritual to create programs for peacebuilding, healing and reconciliation aspects of conflict resolution around the world.

A network of independent not-for-profit grass-roots volunteer groups offering experiential workshops on creative conflict transformation in prisons, schools, and the wider community.

Established to give shareholders and stakeholders a sense of their unique role in the shaping of their national and planetary futures.

Australian Quakers are represented on the NCCA by our Presiding Clerk and others.