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Regional Meetings

Local Meetings and Worshipping Groups are drawn together in a series of Regional Meetings, which are the basic administrative bodies for Quakers in Australia. Regional Meetings are largely structured along State and Territory lines, although the Northern Territory is combined with South Australia, and Canberra Regional Meeting also covers the southern part of New South Wales. Regional Meetings meet regularly for business purposes and have a number of officers and committees. They are responsible for membership matters, for considering various business subjects of their own and for the whole of Australia, and for raising money. They, too, are guided by our Handbook of Practice and Procedure in Australia.

There are some Quakers in Australia who are not within reach of a Meeting for Worship - we normally refer to them as Isolated Friends. We try to keep in touch with them in various ways and some use online Meetings for Worship.

West Australia Regional Meeting South Australia and Northern Territory Regional Meeting Victoria Regional Meeting Queensland Regional Meeting Tasmania Regional Meeting Canberra Regional Meeting New South Wales Regional Meeting g
6 meetings for worship
13 meetings for worship
219 members
7 meetings for worship
75 members
6 meetings for worship
112 members
6 meetings for worship
138 members
13 meetings for worship
171 members
8 meetings for worship
80 members