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Sacred People Sacred Earth

Image credit: Gerry Fahey

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change is now part of the new global multi-faith climate activist GreenFaith International Network which aims to challenge world leaders to greater climate ambition, especially at international COP negotiations.

GreenFaith's first campaign is called Sacred People, Sacred Earth.

Our Presiding Clerk, Ann Zubrick, has signed, on behalf of Australian Quakers, GreenFaith's Statement "Sacred People, Sacred Earth - Soundingthe Alarm”, joining with other faith leaders from around the world. 

A global, multi-faith coalition of established and emerging climate leaders in faith communities - across 14 countries - has come together to create an ambitious statement “Sacred People, Sacred Earth” that states that we are united by a fundamental belief that all people, all living things, and the Earth are sacred. The world needs a compassionate, just response to COVID-19 and climate change, and people of faith need to lead the way.

Friends around Australian participated in Sacred People Sacred Earth Global Day of Action on 11 March 2021 in many different ways. This multi-faith Day of Action included over 420 actions in 45 Countries.

Learn more about the Sacred People, Sacred Earth Campaign by watching this video.

Photos and audio from the Global Day of Action

Understorey Special episode

Sacred People Sacred Earth; Elizabeth PO' and Adrian Glamorgan production (Yarnwaves Media).

Voices include:

  • Ann Zubrick, the Presiding Clerk of Quakers Australia (2’41” -  10’50”);
  • Jo Vallentine, also a long time member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) (10’50” -  20’27”); 
  • Dr. Daniel Vujcich from Uniting Church who is on the management committee of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (20’27” -  25’37”); and  
  • Trish McAuliffe, a Zen Buddhist and climate activist (25’37” - 27’32”).

Whole Program duration:  30’36” 

Western Australia

Images: Elizabeth PO'




























North West Tasmania

NW Coast Meeting Friends and supporters of Call for Climate Action #SacredPeopleSacredEarth at Deloraine Tasmania offices of MP Guy Barnett. "Ten Demands" delivered and request for a face to face discussion.

Image credits: Jan Blakeney and Sally Stanley






































Friends gathered for a vigil from 11.00am - midday in the Friends' Meeting House in Hobart and wil be sneding the 10 Demands to Tasmanian politicians. Images: Maxine Barry
















Victorian Quakers were involved in the ARRCC/Greenfaith international day of action.  We sat in silence with membesr of the Melbourne Buddhist Centre outside Josh Frydenberg's office in Hawthorn, see more on our VRM Activities page.

VRM Co-Clerk, Bruce Henry, spoke about our Earthcare Testimony, watch the interview here.

Image credits; Gerry Fahey