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Rainbow Friends and Allies Meeting

Rainbow Friends and Allies have an online Meeting for Worship on the 4th Sunday of every month. All are welcome.

Meeting for Worship is held on Zoom, and starts at:

  • 7 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (October to March)

  • 7 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (April to September)

The Zoom room is open at least 15 minutes earlier, for those who want additional time for silent worship. Please don’t hesitate to contact the organisers at the email contact below if you have any questions or would like to attend.

A very warm welcome if you are about to experience a Quaker Meeting for Worship for the first time. The worship is based on silence, which gives us a chance to move deeper towards that which is divine or spiritual for each of us. It is an active, listening silence. Spoken ministry occurs when a person is deeply moved to share with the Meeting. You can find out more about Quaker Meetings here

Respect and inclusion are more important to us than labels. Whether you identify as gay, lesbian, bi, trans, non-binary, queer, unsure, or are an ally, you are most welcome to join us for a time of worship and fellowship. Please feel free to rename yourself to reflect who you truly are, and change or add pronouns when you join.

Meeting for Worship is held for 30 minutes, followed by afterthoughts - a chance to share thoughts that arose during the silence.

Then there is some time for socialising and discussion. Sometimes the discussion will be informal, other times we may have a discussion on a specific topic relevant to Rainbow Friends.

Many Rainbow Friends are also involved in our local and regional meetings, and other online meetings. If you are new to Quakers, we will be happy to let you know where your closest Quaker meeting is.

We welcome people of all ages. We are working towards having our Meeting be more accessible for young people soon. However, at the moment, anyone under 18 years old needs to have a guardian present with them.

More information
If you would like to know more about Rainbow Friends, the Zoom details to join our Meeting for Worship, or if you need some help, please email the organising group through the Email Contact button below.

To sign up to receive email updates about meetings and an occasional, brief message about other Quaker LGBTIQ+ matters, please go here.

If you are new to our group, one of the organisers may contact you.

Zoom etiquette
Our time for worship and afterthoughts is held in silence. Please ensure you are muted when you enter. If ministering or sharing an afterthought, please remember to unmute and mute again afterwards.

During social time and informal discussion, if the group is small, we encourage everyone to be unmuted. Please leave a space after another’s contribution and speak briefly so others may also share.

If there is background noise, please check you are muted. If you are distracted by reading an email or another activity, please turn off your video until you are ready to join the group. If necessary, the zoom host can assist with muting or turning off videos.

Meeting times around Australia                   

From October to March, during daylight saving in some states, we meet at:

  • 7 pm for TAS, VIC, ACT, NSW

  • 6:30 pm for SA

  • 6 pm for QLD

  • 5:30 pm for NT

  • 4 pm for WA

  • 8 am Coordinated Universal Time

During April-September we meet at:

  • 7 pm for TAS, VIC, ACT, NSW, QLD

  • 6:30 pm for SA, NT

  • 5 pm for WA

  • 9 am Coordinated Universal Time

For more information Email Contact