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Home Groups

The opportunity to make new friends is a joy of YMs. Broadening our set of friendships is also a blessing of YM. We love to get together in Yearly Meetings with our friends in other places, to share how our lives are going, how our communities are doing, to have some discussions on important topics. Building bonds in a smallish group that remains consistent during YM can be a great way to do these things. Even if we are with some people we don't know, we can make new friendships, find things we share, and are diverse about.

Home Groups is a tried and true way of enhancing our fellowship and sense of community . Home Groups have long been integral to Quaker gatherings worldwide, though we haven't included them in our YMs recently. They are part of YM22. Everyone will be allocated to a Home Group which will meet each day for up to 45 minutes. We hope all will attend and bring a willingness to listen to others and share from their own experience.

Pods of people in one location might like to form a home group that can sit together physically. Online participants can be part of a geographically diverse group. As part of dealing with the two-hour time difference between East and West, Home Groups are scheduled twice. The idea is that you can specify (at registration) whether you prefer to be in a morning group or an afternoon group. So, there will be a set of morning groups and a set of afternoon groups, each meeting just once per day; you will be in one group.

Suggestions will be offered about how to run your group, topics to explore, some ideas for fun and so on.


What's going on? sessions

YM is busy and complex; it can be bewildering! The rusted-on Quakers can forget that there are many subtleties and mysteries to Quaker practice, especially Yearly Meetings.

For a long time we have run First Timers session to offer some explanations. This year we will expand that program by offering each day a What's Going on? session. There will be a few seasoned Friends at each to be an explainer. We invite any and all participants in YM to come to any of these sessions, bring your questions, your curiosity, your surprises. Come once, come often. Some answers may help, or more questions may be raised! Quakers are like that, you know.

These sessions are scheduled twice per day, in the same time-slot as Home Groups. We don't want you to come to a What's? session instead of going to your home group, you can go to the one that's in the alternate time-slot. We hope that these sessions will increase the welcome of YM.