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Junior Young Friends Statement 2018

Junior Young Ffiends 2018 at CSIRO
Australian Junior Young Friend Statement
At Yearly Meeting 2018, two JYFs read a statement that was begun at the January 2018 JYF Camp, encouraged by a Junior Young Friends Charter from Britain YM.  This statement tells us what JYFs think it means to be a JYF.  


Who are JYFs?

  • A group of hip Quakers from 12-17 years old, hailing from different places around the world
  • Friends who meet every so often, value and welcome each other and enjoy each other’s company
  • We are the next generation of Quakers and as we mature into influential leaders, we will be understanding and encouraging of future JYFs
  • Thoughtful and liberal teenagers who aim to keep an open mind in our conversations

What are our values?

  • Spiritual:                   Silence, right relationship with the divine, friendship, seeing God in everyone.
  • Global:                      Freedom, equality, striving for change, music, compassion, standing up for what we believe in and being willing to take the consequences, taking action, service. 
  • Social:                       Community, learning from each other, empathy, inclusiveness, camp, friendship, understanding others, having fun, diversity in our group.
  • Environmental:        Stewardship, service, sustainability, recycling, simplicity.
  • Individual:                Integrity, compassion, trust, love, honesty, respect, open-mindedness, adaptability and SPICES (simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, service/ stewardship/ sustainability).
  • Fun:                           Games, high quality memes, milo, food, laughter, sleep, laughing at stupid jokes, living life adventurously, outdoor activities.

What can we offer?
Given the opportunity JYFs have many things to offer each other, the Quaker community and the world.  We can shine a new light on Quaker values and offer our unique and diverse perspectives on them.

We offer:

  • an openness to learning new things
  • a welcoming spirit to people seeking the Quaker community
  • fun, friendship and a good time.
  • much meme sense, very humour 
  • to S.P.I.C.E* up Quaker Meetings with our presence.


What do we need?

  • Each other - being together with friends
  • A sufficiently large supply of MILO to keep us going (It’s good brain food and healthy!)
  • Well organised camps (planned early, with an ongoing assurance of date, time and financial support)
  • To be in silent worship together
  • Intergenerational diversity in meeting
  • Quality memes
  • More Quaker books age appropriate for JYFs
  • Respect – to be listened to and taken seriously
  • Time together to include silence, fun and learning
  • All Quakers to be given equal importance
  • JYFs to be kept in the hearts and minds of Quakers
  • Have older Quakers share their Quaker ways, history and beliefs with us
  • Effective transition and support for JYFs going up to Young Friends (YFs)

         *SPICES = Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, Sustainability