Children & Junior Young Friends Committee

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Children & Junior Young Friends Committee

JYFs gathering at the Adelaide meeting house

Supports the contributions which young people make to Quaker life and facilitates the work of our Children and JYF coordinators.


The role of the AYM Children and JYFs Committee is to oversee and support the Children and JYF coordinators to:

- Bring children and JYFs into the centre of our Quaker life and community.

-  Assist Friends who are planning Quaker events, especially Yearly Meeting and other business meetings, to ensure that Children and JYFs are at the centre of our Quaker life.

-  Encourage all Friends to engage with Quaker children and JYFs. 

-  Support parents, carers, children and JYFs in all regional and local meetings or wherever Quakers meet, through the Regional Meeting children's coordinators.

Welcome to the Children & JYF Committee page.

Our committee members are: Di Bretherton VRM; Jenny Turton VRM; Justine Shelton VRM; Doug Amarfio CRQ; Craig Applegate CRQ; Clare O’Leary WARM.

To find out about what's happening with Children and Junior Young Friends in Australia and to check out the resources we've found and developed, visit this page about Young Quakers in Australia.