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Publications Committee

The publications committee is responsible for all publications issued in the name of Australia Yearly Meeting. Any such work needs to either have arisen from a request or decision made at a Yearly Meeting or to have been through a process of collective discernment beyond the initial leading of the author.


The AYM Publications committee is concerned with publications that are initiated by Australia Yearly Meeting or of groups authorised to publish on behalf of AYM, such as the Backhouse Lecture Committee. (More information can be found here.)

It is a shared responsibility of all Friends to ensure that publications that speak for Quakers in Australia truthfully represent the thinking of Australian Friends as indicated by a collective decision at Australia Yearly Meeting.

For AYM publications, consistency of appearance (logos, layout, choice of typeface, etcetera) helps identify our publications in the wider world. A logo is a stand-alone symbol designed to represent a specific organisation. The AYM logo was designed at the request of AYM and accepted in its entirety as a visual representation of the beliefs and practice of Quakers in Australia, so there is a collective responsibility to maintain the integrity of that vision, which would be weakened by having any elements omitted.

A range of possible publications may arise within our Australian Quaker community: some are requested and approved by Yearly Meeting itself; some are suggested by AYM committees or Regional Meetings; and some arise from small groups or individual Friends who have a leading.

Those who are led to write and share their writing within the wider Australian Quaker community, are advised to seek the advice and discernment of their Regional Meeting which, having agreed that the publication is suitable for wider distribution, can then send the text to the AYM Publications Committee. This Committee can provide options for editing, layout and publishing. The Committee would also advise on the use of the AYM logo.


Some general principles that will assist are as follows:

1.     Publications of a purely local interest do not need to be identified as associated with AYM (e.g. by use of a logo).

2.     It is inappropriate for individuals or informal groups to use the AYM logo on their own behalf. Individuals or groups who wish to publish something can submit their text to their Regional Meeting for collective discernment in the first instance.

3.     Regional Meetings that wish to use the AYM logo with the RM name underneath are asked to provide the AYM Publications Committee with a draft of the text and design of the publication. Ideally, the text and design of all publications on behalf of Quakers within Australia should be consistent with and complement other AYM publications. 

4.     Regional Meetings submitting publications that are consistent with AYM style and content will be asked to list the publisher as the Regional Meeting, but will be able to include the AYM logo. They also have the option of submitting the publication for consideration as an AYM publication, if the publication has significance at a national level.


Guidelines for submitting material to the AYM Publications Committee for consideration: