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cards and the book

The book : see it here



These cards are $3.00 +postage. 15cm x 10.5cm, plain greeting cards. Larger cards (11.5cm x 18cm) with envelopes are $5.

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Australia West Pacifc of FWCC.The Asia West Pacific Section. (in stock)

Lotus flower representing India in the AWPS panelThe Lotus flower, representing India in the AWPS panel; out of stock.

Ashby familyThe Ashby Family; in stock.

Banksia in the Ashby family panelBanksia from the Ashby family ; in stock

Backhouse and Walker try the treadmillBackhouse and Walker try the treadmill, in stock.

Backhouse and Walker try the treadmill, detail, in stock 

East Timor quiltsEast Timor quilts; in stock

Elinor CliftonElinor Clifton; in stock.

Elizabeth Fry RetreatElizabeth Fry Retreat; out of stock


Detail Elizabeth Fry Retreat. (18cm x 11.5cm)  $5. in stock.

Horse and cart from IsolationHorse and  cart from Isolation; in stock

Western Australia Quaker Meeting housesWestern Australia Quaker Meeting House; in stock.

May family; in stock

detail from the May familydetail from the May family; in stock

Sydney ParkinsonSydney Parkinson; in stock.

Banksia marginata, detail from Sydney Parkinson Banksia marginata, detail from Sydney Parkinson; in stock

The EndeavourThe Endeavour, detail from Sydney Parkinson; in stock.

echidnaechidna, detail from Sydney Parkinson, out of stock 

banksia, detail from Sydney Parkinson, out of stock.


Lorrie GardnerLorrie Gardner; in stock.

detail from Lorrie Gardner, in stock

bilby pupper, detail from Lorrie Gardner - in stock

rainbow serpent and blue puppet, detail from Lorrie Gardner, in stock. 

Quaker Shop in AdelaideQuaker shop, in stock 

detail from Quaker Shopdetail from Quaker shop; out of stock.


Detail from the Quaker Shop, 18cmx11.5 cm, $5; in stock

Australian Quaker Service Quaker Service Australia; In stock.

detail, Quaker Service Australia, Cambodia. In stock

The Rajah QuiltThe Rajah Quilt; in stock.

detail from the Rajah Quilt, (18 x 11.5 cm) $5; in stock

Quaker Silent Vigil for justice fro indigenous AustraliansVigil forSilent Vigil for Justice; in stock. 

Quaker silent vigildetail from Silent Vigil for Justice, available as a post card, $3 and as an card $4

detail from Walking in the Light - panel in progress, $5; in stock.


friends War Victims Relief, in France, WW1.Friends' War Victims' Relief in France, WW1; in stock.

Friends War Victims Relief South AustraliaFriends' War Victims' Relief, South Australia; in stock.

Raymond and Annie WiltonRaymond and Annie Wilton, detail from SA Friends' War Victim's Relief; in stock., 

detail from SA Friends War Vicitms Releifvolunteers, detail from SA Friends' War Victims' Relief; out of stock 


Kits: these embroidery kits are a good way to get started in stitching



The Friends in Stitches Book 


This book, edited by Tessa Spratt, tells the story of the project, how it got started and grew over the years. It shows how the panels are created. All the panels completed in 2019 are pictured along with some detail. The panels in progress at this date are also illustrated. The stories told on this web page are also there. 

The book is available for $60, plus postage. Contact us to purchase your copy!