Young Friends

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Young Friends

For Quakers aged 18 to 30-ish

Australian Young Friends' is a group of young Quakers aged 18 to around 30. Our activities are conducted and guided by Quaker principles, especially with our involvement in the areas of refugees, environment, the arts and recognition of First Nations Peoples.

We usually gather twice a year, once over the Easter weekend and another in the week leading up to Yearly Meeting (YM) for a pre-YM Camp. Additionally, we have a range of other activities that take place at other times of the year.

We welcome newcomers of all varieties, from those who have grown up in a Quaker family, to those who are simply Quaker curious or attend a Quaker meeting. Although we're based in Australia, visitors from overseas are always welcome.

For more information on Australian Young Friends or to find Friends near you, please email the clerk