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Quakers write to PM in support of people in immigration detention during COVID-19

Ann Zubrick, Presiding Clerk, has written, on behalf of Australian Quakers, to both the Prime Minister and Anthony Albanese, Opposition Leader, to express concern that those in immigration detention are being excluded from any safety net during COVID-19.


Dear Prime Minister,

On behalf of Australian Quakers, I write in support of people in immigration detention. At our recent national conference, we called on the Australian Government to include all vulnerable people in the COVID-19 safety nets.

This is not the time for discrimination based on how long a person has been in Australia or how they arrived. Many of the people who are in this country for urgent medical care or are on bridging or temporary visas are facing unique and uncertain futures while also unable to access necessary medical care or financial support. The Government is uniquely placed to prevent further exclusion of an already marginalised group.

Quakers believe that the Federal Government has a responsibility to provide support for those vulnerable people who are seeking the safety and peace of Australia.

You can read the full letter on our Public Statements page here.

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Tuesday, 8 September 2020 - 5:13pm