Yearly Meeting Organising Committee

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Yearly Meeting Organising Committee

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Plans and organises our annual Yearly Meeting events each year. 


An Australia-wide committee which has been created to organise Yearly Meeting.

In previous years, Yearly Meeting events have been organised by each Regional Meeting in a roster.

By 2021, this became unworkable because several Regional Meetings were unable to take on the task. With online Yearly Meetings, it appeared that the organising task was more complex.

So, the arrangements were changed. A national committee was formed to plan and organise each Yearly Meeting. It draws on assistance from Friends in all the Regional Meetings. This means the task for each Regional Meeting is smaller each year, though more constant across the years.

YM22 was the first Yearly Meeting planned and organised under this arrangement.

Friends are welcome to offer to help, either through their Regional Meeting, or directly to the Yearly Meeting Organising Committee (via the Contact button) on this page. You can volunteer for a specific task which you feel suits your interests and skills.

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