Information Technology Committee

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Information Technology Committee

manages and develops our websites, email system and social media presence and encourages the adoption of information technologies.


When it was established, it was suggested that the committee undertake the following tasks:

Enhance our capabilities in online presence, via website and social media.

Redevelop our capabilities for registration for the Annual Meeting.

Improve the facilities of our membership list.

Investigate technological ways of holding dispersed meetings.

Investigate aids to electronic sharing of YM papers during YM in session, in addition to existing paper dissemination.

Investigate live-streaming.

In addition, the committee has been involved in facilitating our use of social media and online backups of crucial information.

The principal work of the committee in recent years has been the design and implementation of the website that you are presently using. This has also involved implementing an entirely new database for records of Members, Attenders and other contacts, and setting up a new email system for office bearers, committees and local Meetings and Worshipping Groups.

We have also overseen the implementation of the registration system for Yearly Meeting and the website used at each gathering to keep participants and others up to date. We have assisted in changes resulting from the Covid pandemic. We are improving the recording and live streaming of the Backhouse Lecture and other events.

Once these are up and running we will turn our attention to the other aspects of our statement of purpose.

Yearly Meeting 2018 established two new Office Bearer positions at our request - the AYM Membership Secretary and the AYM Website Coordinator. A description of the roles of these positions was prepared by the IT Committee.