Peace & Social Justice Fund Committee

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Replenishing the Fund

The Peace and Social Justice Fund is maintained principally by the generosity of Australian F/friends.  This happens as follows:

  • F/friends, through their annual contribution, can specify a part to go directly into the Peace and Social Justice Fund.  Regional Meetings often contribute a part of their budget directly to the Fund also.
  • F/friends or other members of the public can make a contribution to the Fund at any time.
  • Some F/friends generously make provision within their will for part of their estate to be paid into the Peace and Social Justice Fund.
  • On occasions income from rental of the Sanctuary (a Yearly Meeting property) has contributed to the Fund.

Should you wish to make a contribution to the Fund:

  • please speak to your Regional Meeting Clerk or Treasurer or contact the committee by clicking on the Contact button on our Home page
  • or you can donate directly by going to the Donations page on our website and completing the donations form on the page.