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Victoria Regional Meeting

About Us

13 meetings for worship
171 members
40 children of the meeting
150 attenders

Welcome to Victoria Regional Meeting.  We have a centre in West Melbourne, the Victorian Friends Centre and Meetings throughout Victoria.

We have a Regional Meeting Library and Archives at our Centre in William Street West Melbourne.

Please look at our VRM Activities page for upcoming events, programs and actions, these may also be included in the AYM Calendar as needed.

Members and Meetings can login to access the newsletter, Victorian Quaker News as well as information and resources related to VRM here.

Postal address

Society of Friends (Quakers) in Australia, The Victorian Friends Centre, 484 William Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003

Meetings for Worship

venue varies; please check with Heather (0410 660 254)
Bairnsdale Victoria
Worship Times:
12 noon on 3rd Sunday of the month
Ballarat North Community Centre 702 Walker Street
Ballarat North Victoria
Worship Times:
10:30am to 11:30am on the second Sunday of each month. Enquiries may be directed to Gerry 03 5303 1134
is not meeting face-to-face for the time being.
Brighton East Victoria
Worship Times:
2pm - 4th Tuesday of each month
is not meeting face-to-face for the time being.
Bendigo Victoria
Worship Times:
2nd Wednesday of each month, 7.30pm
Location varies. Contact Angie 0417 360 453 or Madeleine 0417 099 794
Castlemaine Victoria
Worship Times:
11am, 1st and 3rd Sundays of month
2nd Sat - 90 Shaftesbury Avenue 4th Sat - 70 St Andrews Street
St Andrews Victoria
Worship Times:
2pm - 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month, There are also online Meetings. Contact Tess 0448 144 449
Seventh Day Adventist Church, 43 York Street
Mont Albert Victoria
Worship Times:
10.30 am Sundays. Contact: Lorel Thomas
location varies
Geelong Victoria
Worship Times:
3rd Sunday of each month 10.30am. Contact Joanne Black 0418 297 671
Location varies; please check with Anne (03 5169 1552)
Morwell VIC
Worship Times:
Last Sunday in the month at 11am
Contact: Tessa Spratt 03 9779 6274 or 0425 878 935
Kilsyth Victoria
Worship Times:
3rd Friday of each month at 11:45am, in person or via zoom.
484 William Street
Melbourne Victoria
Worship Times:
10.30am (for 1 hour) every Sunday.  Also meets over the internet using "Zoom" - Contact: Jim -
Mornington Victoria
Worship Times:
2nd Sundays 10am Contact Sue Parritt 03 5976 4437 for venue
St Paul’s Church & local Yoga Centre, 88 Station Street
Fairfield Victoria
Worship Times:
10.30am every Sunday. You may also participate via "Zoom" - Contact Aileen Britton