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The Tasmania Regional Meeting (TRM) Library is located in the Hobart Meeting House on Boa Vista Road in Hobart.

The Library collection is digitally located on Library Thing.  Please click this link to access the collection and have a search through our Library’s books. Use the lower search box found in the upper right corner of your screen to type in your search words.

As you search the collection, you will see when a book was published, the author, descriptive tags, and the Call Number for the book to identify where the book is located on our Library book shelves.

When you click on the book’s title, you will come to a page within Library Thing that will have more information about the book and other book recommendations based on this book. 

If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Library Committee: Lisa File, Robin McLean, Yvonne Joyce.  The Library is open after Meeting for Worship.